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Pricing for April 20 & 22, 2023 Sale


California Navel Orange
California Navel Orange

California Navel Orange

Medium-size fruit - Deep yellow to orange colour - Peels and sections easily - Usually seedless ** - Great for eating!

8 lb


20 lb


40 lb



As a result of Hurricane Ian’s destruction in Florida, 40% of the grapefruit crop was lost for the 2022 – 2023 season.  While we can still order grapefruit, this scarcity means that we have almost no control over what will be shipped to us. 

Here is what we do know:
        • The size of grapefruit will either be size 36 or size 40.
        • The colour of the flesh will range from light red to deeper red.

We encourage you to take this into consideration when placing your order, as we cannot guarantee the size or colour of grapefruit that will fill your individual order this season.  Your understanding and flexibility is appreciated.


** "Seedless" is defined as 0 to 3 seeds per orange.

The size gives the number of oranges or grapefruit in a 40 lb case.

Size availability may vary according to seasonal growing conditions.

The Orange Barn reserves the right to substitute a different size into your order if the listed size becomes unavailable.


TKO Cleaner

TKO Cleaner
TKO Cleaner

TKO Cleaner

(Size(s) 473 ml)

473 ml


Orange TKO is a citrus cleaner/de-greaser made from the peel of the orange. It is
an emulsifier which contains no synthetic chemicals, petroleum distillates, or
detergents. 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

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